Vyakhyan Mala

संसद का एक खम्बा मैने भी उठाया रे
The Vyakhyan Mala

The Vyakhyan mala – संसद का एक खम्बा मैने भी उठाया रे is a series of discourses and talks by  extraordinary Indians who remain invisible and unrecognised. The series is dedicated to the memory of Mohan Ram of the MKSS, affectionately known as Mohanba or Mohanji. He died in March this year. A few minutes before life left him, he questioned the PHC about its pro active disclosure and delivering services to the poor! An indefatigable activist struggling against injustice, he symbolised the MKSS slogan – न्याय समानता हो आधार, ऐसे रचेंगे  हम  संसार, which translates as “We will shape a world based on  equality and justice”, or more simply “Towards Equality and Justice”.

The first in the series of speakers were Naurti, a leader for workers’ and dalit rights (now the Sarpanch of Harmara), and Susheela, a social activist fighting for women’s rights and the democratic rights of the poor.

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  1. "We will Shape a world based on equality and justice." It is the key sentence. When we'll shape such kind of world that only be true democracy. So our battle should be continue for our rights, equality, equity, fraternity and justice. School for democracy is the place where we learn all these things and be aware for our rights and true democracy. Thanks a lot SFD.
    Raj Valmiki, Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA), New Delhi-8.